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Here's What Most People Do...

Most people start with affiliate marketing.  

They become affiliates for other peoples products 
and along with thousands of other affiliates, try 
to duke it out in the trenches for traffic and commissions.  

They spend hours building blogs, doing SEO, driving paid 
traffic to sales pages that may or may not convert... 

ALL because they have heard that the affiliate business is 
the fastest and easiest way to earn your first buck on the net.

Now don't get us wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong 
with affiliate marketing and we make a ton of money with it too....

...and whilst it is very possible for anyone to make 6, even 7 
figures each year promoting other people's stuff, it does bring 
rise to one very important question...
Why Be ONE Affiliate Among Thousands... 

When You Can Have Thousands Of Affiliates Promoting For YOU?

What I mean is that you should ALSO consider being on the 
other side of the fence...

In other words, being the product creator!

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