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Update: Traffic Travis 3.0 is live for download...

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I'm really happy to announce that Traffic Travis 3.0 
has just been released, and is available for you to 
download RIGHT NOW.

So don't let me keep you... go grab it now! It doesn't 
cost a bean and it's packed full of killer tools for 
both SEO and PPC campaigns.

These tools include:

On-page SEO analysis - This is great, it's like having 
your own personal SEO expert taking a look at your 
webpages and giving you hints for improving your 
search engine rankings.
Competition analysis - find out exactly what keywords 
your competitors are bidding on 

Keyword research - find thousands of related keywords 

Backlink checker - find out what sites are linking to 
you (and your competition), what their page rank is, 
and other essential details. 

There's so much more inside, but you know what? 
It doesn't cost anything, so you may as well test 
drive it for yourself! 

You can download Traffic Travis 3.0 right now and start using it right away:

To Your Success!