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A new Tron plan is just out.

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A new Tron plan is just out.

You get the first level FREE!

Then the leveling up is also very cheap.

This one could go very big

as it is so affordable to the masses.


You also get advertising credits

Your first level is completely Free.

Here is the new Tron Program,

When you join, you will instantly get levels 1 for free.this is good for the first 2k people, so get in quick.

Once you are in you can upgrade to the next levels either through direct purchase or you can deposit and buy multiple levels (recommended) When you purchase levels 1 through 10 you will be purchasing both TM1 and TM2 simultaneously.

For Example, you get in free, so that's Tm1 level 1 and TM2 level 1You want to purchase Tm1 level 2 and Tm2 level 2 you will need to either deposit 12 TRX or select one of them and purchase. When you select Buy Now button for TM1 Level 2, it will ask you to pay 12 TronThis is because Tm1 and Tm2 are combined, so everyone upgrades to the first 10 levels in order.

When you sign up you receive Tm1 which is a team/personal forced 3x1, follow your sponsor, and Tm2 which is a company forced 2x2, it cycles in order as it is filled.

So don't wait, get in today for free , start promoting and then upgrade in the levels so you don't get skipped!