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Earn $200 Via Paypal, CashApp, etc, If You Can Give Me A Legit Reason Not To Join.

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My name is Wesley Careuthers and I've been a part of a money wealth system for the past 5 months that I believe will Revolutionize the way people save and spend money.
Listen, I strongly believe a person can't be judged for what he/she doesn't know. Or what has never been shared with you. However, when you know something of tremendous value and don't share the info. That's just "PLAIN SELVISH." Which brings me to sending out this AWESOME email.
I've titled it, "Make $200 For 45Mins Of Your Possible Criticism. If You Can Give Me A Legit Reason, Not To Be Interested In Joining. After Watching And Hearing the Info Inside." Understand, I will Paypal, CashApp, or send the funds via your choice. But, you MUST give a chance to rebuttable any excuse you may try and find. Here's the video:
I'm so sure that you can't find one. I'm putting this email and $200 of paper cash to the challenge. Please watch the video completely. And feel free to contact my sponsor Wesley Careuthers with any questions or thoughts you may have. Or if you want to get started right away, you can sign up FREE below:
Wesley Careuthers