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Hello Fellow Marketer,

By now, you probably know that BoB stands for BucketsofBanners 
and that BoB is rapidly becoming one of the premier Banner 
Exchanges on the net with an unusual viral twist not found in
Banner Exchanges. 

What you might not know is that there is only ONE upgraded 
membership on BoB and it is loaded with privileges that can do
what most struggle with which is .... Recruiting and Branding!

4 Club BoB Exclusives:

1) Get Your Link Promoted Without Promoting Yourself - We are 
constantly promoting the Club BoB link out in the marketplace
just like we are with this ad now. That link rotates all Club 
BoB members affiliate links. 

2) Others Build Your Brand - The Interactive Splash Page has 
prominent brand placement that randomly shows 4 OTHER Club
BoB members branding even if they are not promoting themselves.

3) Infused Click Incentives - A sign-up bonus is infused in the
sign-up process for new members only on Club BoB banners. 
That means Club BoB members are experiencing higher click rates
on their banners.

4) Surf and Login Ad Exclusives. As a Club BoB member, you 
automatically gain login ads and surf ads as a part of your
membership. You just need to have credits assigned to your banner
and it is running automatically in those two areas. 

Get in the Club already and get some help building your business
without breaking your back doing it all yourself. 


Carlos Silva